About M:M Music

M:M Music, are the initials of owner Meg MacDonald, she launched the company in 2007. M:M houses the radio team of Meg MacDonald and Rene Magallon at Commercial Radio, Crystal Ann Lea at Non-Commercial & Americana Radio and office manager Alex Whiley. In 2008, MacDonald was voted at the Triple A Summit as R&R's "Triple A Independent Promotion Executive of the Year" by Radio and Records.

The company has continued its run of super serving their clients and in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 - M:M Music was voted "Independent Promotion Company of the Year" by both Radio Stations and Record Labels at the Annual FMQB Triple A Summit in Boulder.

M:M works with both Major & Independent labels, management companies and radio stations, covering Triple A Commercial, Non-Commercial, Americana and College formats. M:M Music specializes in radio promotion working closely with record labels and radio stations to garner airplay for singles, promotional marketing, booking station shows and scheduling radio station on airs. M:M Music produces the M:M Music Meeting CD, arguably the most utilized tool by radio stations in their weekly music meetings. The company also puts out a bi-weekly Non-Com Newsletter and the weekly BDS chart complete with editorials, the latest information on artists and the most up to date chart #'s.

Main office number - 615-915-4828
Meg MacDonald - Owner - Meg@M-MMusic.com
Rene Magallon - Commercial - Rene@M-MMusic.com
Crystal Ann Lea - Non-Com - Crystalann@M-MMusic.com
Austin Holdsworth - Office Manager - Austin@M-MMusic.com

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